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US Warns North Korea Against Supplying Weapons to Russia

Payam Javan: The United States has warned North Korea that it will “pay a price” if it supplies weapons to Russia for use against Ukraine.
US national security advisor Jake Sullivan said that there has been no indication that North Korea is actively supplying munitions to Russia, but that arms negotiations between the two countries are “actively advancing.”
Sullivan said that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had likely traveled to Pyongyang in late July “to ask for weapons” from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Sullivan added that Kim may be anticipating “in-person leader-level discussions” with Russia about their arms deal, but that he could not provide a specific timeline.
Sullivan said that Moscow is seeking support from North Korea because “we have continued to squeeze Russia’s defense industrial base, and they are now going about looking to whatever source they can find for things like artillery ammunition.”
He did not specify the potential repercussions for North Korea, but noted that the United States would maintain sanctions to impede arms supply to Russia.
The United States is warning North Korea against supplying weapons to Russia for use against Ukraine. The US has not seen any evidence that North Korea is currently doing this, but it is concerned about the possibility. If North Korea does supply weapons to Russia, it will face “consequences” from the international community.

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