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Garvey Takes the Lead Over Schiff in California Senate Primary

Payam Javan: In the California U.S. Senate primary race, former professional baseball player Steve Garvey has pulled ahead of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, with a narrow lead of just over 4,800 votes out of more than 5 million counted as of March 15. Garvey expressed gratitude for the support he has received, emphasizing his message of unity, common sense, and compassion resonating with voters across the state. Despite facing formidable opponents and substantial spending against him, Garvey remains enthusiastic about addressing California’s challenges and looks forward to a spirited campaign.

Garvey’s conservative platform contrasts with the progressive policies of many California Democrats, including Schiff. He has campaigned on addressing issues such as crime and homelessness and has criticized Schiff’s political approach, particularly regarding allegations of lying and divisive rhetoric. Garvey’s campaign emphasizes a focus on quality-of-life issues, public safety, and education, aiming to serve California with common sense, compassion, and a commitment to consensus-building. As the race progresses, Garvey aims to continue listening to constituents and working towards a vision of a better California.

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