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Escalating Tensions: Russia Strikes Kyiv with Largest Missile Attack in Weeks

Payam Javan: In a recent escalation of conflict, Russia conducted its most substantial missile assault on Kyiv and its vicinity in weeks, leaving at least 17 individuals injured and causing damage to buildings and industrial facilities, according to officials.

The Russian air force asserted that their defenses successfully intercepted all incoming missiles, marking the resumption of attacks on the Ukrainian capital after a 44-day hiatus. City and regional authorities reported injuries to 13 people within Kyiv and four more in the surrounding area.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Kyiv of instigating attacks to disrupt the recent Russian presidential election, vowing repercussions. Ukrainian military sources disclosed that over 8,000 missiles had been launched by Russia during the conflict’s initial two years. Air raid sirens, a frequent reminder of danger, have sounded over 1,020 times in Kyiv since the conflict began, as per Ukrainian military data. The capital remained under an air raid alert for nearly three hours on the day of the assault.

The Russian military utilized strategic bombers and fired missiles from its territory, targeting Kyiv from multiple directions, stated Serhiy Popko, head of Kyiv’s military administration. Kyiv city officials reported damage to several schools, residential buildings, and industrial sites due to debris from downed Russian missiles scattered across the city.

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