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European Parliament Elections: Center-Right Victories and National Shifts

Payam Javan: In the recent EU elections, the center-right faction of the European Parliament saw gains, contrasting with losses for the centrist Renew Europe and Green groups. Expectations for substantial advancements by right-wing parties weren’t met. The European People’s Party (EPP), the largest political group, secured 9 additional seats, while Renew Europe lost 23 and the Greens/EFA lost 19.

Despite these shifts, the overall landscape of the EU Parliament remains dominated by mainstream pro-European groups. The emergence of new MEPs not aligned with existing political groups introduces the potential for further realignment. Notably, right-wing parties like the ECR and ID made modest gains, while left-wing groups faced setbacks, with The Left losing one seat.

At the national level, standout performances included Marine Le Pen’s French National Rally and Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, indicating shifts in political sentiment in France and Italy. Similarly, in Germany, the right-wing AfD saw success, especially among young voters, while Chancellor Scholz’s SPD and the FDP experienced setbacks, reflecting broader trends across Europe.

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