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‘Oppenheimer’ Sweeps Oscars with Seven Wins

Payam Javan: In a surprising turn of events at the 96th Academy Awards, the three-hour biopic “Oppenheimer” emerged as an unexpected billion-dollar box-office success, securing the coveted title of Best Picture.

The awards ceremony also marked a long-overdue recognition for Christopher Nolan, who received seven accolades for his blockbuster biopic, including Best Director.

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the event began with a monologue that touched on Hollywood’s union spirit, earning a standing ovation for highlighting the industry’s behind-the-scenes workers amid ongoing labor negotiations. However, the evening was not without controversy, as protests for Gaza took place outside the Dolby Theatre, adding a political dimension to the prestigious awards show.

Early awards were presented to films such as “Poor Things,” “The Zone of Interest,” and “The Boy and the Heron.”

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