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Trump Calls for Fourth Presidential Debate

Payam Javan: Former President Donald Trump announced on Friday his willingness to engage President Joe Biden in a fourth presidential debate, this one proposed to be hosted by NBC and Telemundo. However, the Biden campaign has declined the offer.

Trump, in a social media post, stated his acceptance of an invitation for an additional debate aimed at addressing concerns of the Hispanic community and criticizing Biden’s handling of inflation, gas prices, crime, and border issues. He had previously accepted a third debate to be hosted by Fox News, which the Biden campaign also declined.

The Biden campaign has confirmed it will not participate in debates beyond the two already scheduled: the first on June 27 hosted by CNN in Atlanta, and the second on September 10 by ABC News. Both campaigns have arranged these debates independently, bypassing the traditional Commission on Presidential Debates.

The CPD had proposed three presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate, which the Biden campaign dismissed as poorly timed for early voting. Trump’s campaign continues to push for additional debates, asserting that voters deserve more opportunities to hear from the candidates.

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