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Extreme Heatwave Engulfs U.S. Cities, Prompts Safety Precautions

Payam Javan: Extreme heat alerts gripped the United States on Tuesday, with cities like Chicago experiencing record-breaking temperatures as a dangerous heat wave settled over the Midwest and Northeast. Chicago hit 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36.1 degrees Celsius), surpassing a previous record set in 1957, amidst forecasts of heat indexes nearing 100 F (37.7 C) throughout the week. Despite the intense heat, residents were observed ordering spicy foods at Grant Park, highlighting the stark contrast between weather conditions and consumer choices.

The National Weather Service issued warnings and watches across much of the Midwest and Northeast, urging precautions such as limiting outdoor activities and staying hydrated. Cooling centers were opened to provide relief, especially critical as the heatwave coincides with the start of what promises to be an active hurricane season and ongoing concerns over wildfires in California.

Meanwhile, in Southern California, firefighters made progress against a large wildfire, while in other regions, such as the northern Rockies, late-season snow was forecast. The weather extremes underscored broader concerns about the increasing frequency and intensity of weather events, with organizations like the Center for Biological Diversity petitioning FEMA to recognize extreme heat and wildfire smoke as major disasters.

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