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Flag Day Festivities: Trump Celebrates 78th Birthday with Supporters

Payam Javan: Thousands of former President Donald Trump’s supporters gathered in Palm Beach, Florida, on June 14 to celebrate Flag Day and his 78th birthday, despite his recent criminal convictions in New York. Addressing a jubilant crowd at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, Trump largely ignored his legal troubles, focusing instead on contrasting his policies with those of President Joe Biden.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Trump emphasized how they believed life was better during Trump’s administration. Trump also encouraged attendees to write “vote for Trump because there’s no tax on tips” on their receipts, promoting his proposed policy.

Organized by Club 47 USA, the event featured a large birthday cake and attracted over 5,000 people. Many attendees, like Howard Schaeffer from Pennsylvania, expressed strong support for Trump, dismissing his legal issues and criticizing the justice system. Others, like Fritz Seide, blamed Biden’s policies for economic woes and praised Trump’s previous term. The festive atmosphere highlighted the enduring loyalty of Trump’s base as he aims for a political comeback.

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