Turmoil in the first Trump-Biden election debate

The first election debate between Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden took place on Tuesday evening; The face-to-face confrontation between the candidates was tumultuous, full of criticism, and shouted by the moderator, urging Biden and Trump to remain silent.
The Republican and Democratic rivals’ debate was at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, hosted by Chris Wallace of Fox news in six 15-minute sections on Supreme Court nominee, Covid-19, economy, race, violence in cities and vote by ballets.
90-minute unannounced debate took place 35 days before the Nov. 3 presidential election, and the two candidates’ second and third bouts will be on October 15 in Florida and October 22 in Tennessee, respectively.
Family members of Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s son were also present in the debate hall and witnessed the confrontation between the two candidates. Donald Trump and Biden did not shake hands when entering the first debate, did not wear masks and observed social distance.
The first debate question was asked of these candidates about the US Supreme Court nominee and Trump’s elected judge for the available vacant seat. Biden reiterated that the Supreme Court nominee and successor to Ms. Ginsberg, who died of cancer in September, should be done after the election, but President Trump said he has the right to appoint Judge Amy Burt as president and she is an excellent choice for the job.
Discussing the Obamacare health plan, Chris Wallace told Trump that his administration did not have a specific plan to replace it. Biden also called Donald Trump a liar, saying he did not care about the people and that millions were using the Obamacare plan, but that Trump intended to take that right away. “I give people the right to choose,” Trump said.
Obamacare’s argument came at a time when there was talk of a new US Supreme Court nominee. Judge Amy Burt, Trump’s candidate for the Supreme Court, had previously criticized the Supreme Court’s approval of Obama Care in an article. Biden claimed that Trump would deprive millions of people of health insurance. Trump responded by saying that if Biden came to power, country would have a socialist medical system. “It’s my right to choose Amy’s judge, who is supported by the senate and some Democrats,” Trump said. In the meantime, we have won the election, and that gives us the advantages that the Democrats would have used if they had a chance.
Biden repeatedly told Trump to “shut up”, and called him “clown” and “liar,”. He also kept laughing and nodding at Trump. Trump also interrupted him many times.
On questions related to Covid-19, Trump defended his administration’s actions against Corona virus and said Biden wants to shut down the country, but we will get the vaccine in a few weeks.

“I do not trust him at all, and Trump has no plans for the crisis, and although he knew Corona was deadly at first, he hid it,” Biden said in response to Trump’s remarks about the vaccine. Biden also noted Trump’s praise of Chinese President Xi Jinping at the beginning of the Corona crisis. However, Trump said that if Biden had been President of the United States, millions more would have lost their lives because he had condemned the closure of the border with China. He praised his administration’s skill in controlling the virus!
Joe Biden also ridiculed Trump of his comments earlier this year for telling people to inject disinfectants to prevent Covid-19, and Trump said his remarks were sarcastic!
Addressing Biden, Donald Trump said that during his 47 months in office has served the American people for more than 47 years of Biden in politics. “I built a broken army and empty shelves of medical supplies and equipment you left me, and I quickly manufactured ventilators locally,” Trump said.
As part of his speech, Trump attacked Joe Biden’s son as a board of director of a Chinese and Ukrainian company. How did your son become CEO of these companies without any work experience and get big salaries? But Biden replied that his son had done nothing wrong.
In the tax debate, Chris Wallace asked Trump about his payments to the government between 2016 and 2017, citing a New York Times report showing he only paid $750 in taxes over the two years. Trump responded by emphasizing that he had paid millions of dollars in taxes over those two years.
Biden released his tax return hours before the debate to put more pressure on Trump in the debate. He asked Trump why he is not doing the same, and Trump replied: “Everyone will see them.”
During the debate, Biden called Trump a racist and a puppet of Putin, saying, “You are the worst president the United States has ever had.” Trump replied: Joe, there is nothing clever about you.
Asked about “law and order”, Biden said he was opposed to cutting police funding. He said the vast majority of police officers are good people, but among them are some who misbehave and should be fired. He called for the reform of police organizations. Trump responded by saying that police in all parts of the country supported his presidency and that virtually all of them opposed Joe Biden.

Donald Trump also attributed supremacy and racism to the left, saying Democrats support them.
Chris Wallace also noted the fires in the western United States and asked Trump on climate change. “I want clear water and clean air,” Trump said. “If you look at my history, we’ve done a great job.”
He said he withdrew from the Paris climate deal because it was detriment to the United States. He attributed the fires to forestry keeping and leaving of dry wood and leaves not cleaning the forest which can quickly put forests at risk from heat or accidental fires.
In another part of the debate, moderator asked the two candidates about their confidence in the outcome of the vote by mail.
Biden said even senior Trump administration officials say the postal vote was accurate and correct, noting that Trump voted by mail in the past. He said social distancing must be observed on election day. Joe Biden encouraged people to vote in any way they could, and said Donald Trump could not stop them from voting. He said Trump could not stay in power if he loses the election and must leave the White House.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, said that given the fraud that has been observed so far, the election results may not be known for months. He repeatedly questioned the soundness of voting by mail, citing examples of events over the past few months in which votes were cast. Biden responded by saying that Donald Trump was afraid of counting the votes.
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who was trying to bring order to the two candidates, could not do so because the outcome of the election is crucial for both.

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