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Japan: We need to reinforce the medical system by reducing infections

Payam Javan: Tokyo-Japan’s Government announced on Thursday it plans to lengthen emergency COVID-19 restrictions in Tokyo and other regions in an attempt to prevent infections and hospitals from pressure and being overwhelmed, stating it’s still too early to let its guard down.

Japan has been hit with a fifth wave of the virus and a month prior, extended its lengthy curbs until Sunday to cover nearly 80% of its population.

yet the number of severe virus cases and the pressure on the Japan Medical System have not improved adequately in Tokyo and surrounding regions to allow restrictions to be lifted.

The government seeks to extend restrictive measures until September 30th, Including the capital and the second city of Osaka, Yasutoshi Nishimura, Minister of State for Economics stated at a government meeting that the plans must be approved by a panel of experts and others.

“We need to reinforce the medical system by reducing infections,” Nishimura stated.

Because of signs of improvement in the country, two of the country’s 21 prefectures will shift from a state of emergency to reduced restrictions, while a handful of others will eliminate all restrictions, he noted.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga stated at a news conference that a formal decision will be made by Thursday.

The Nikkei Daily reported however that the government is easing flight entries from overseas by reducing the time that people need to be quarantined from 14 to 10 days so long they have received government-approved vaccinations.

As the number of vaccinated citizens rises, the local media reports that other measures such as removing restrictions on sales of alcoholic beverages and extending opening hours for shops and restaurants could be introduced.

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At the meeting, Health Minister Norihisa Tamura remarked, “I believe we’re starting to see improvements, but it’s still too early to let our guard down.”

Nearly half of Japan’s population has been fully vaccinated even though Japan’s vaccination program took longer than most other nations.

On Wednesday, 1,834 new corona-virus cases were reported in Tokyo. In total, the government has reported 1.6 million cases and 16,436 deaths.

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