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Elon Musk, speculated that Tucker Carlson could thrive on Twitter

Payam Javan: It is interesting to note the speculation about Tucker Carlson’s future in the news media industry after his departure from Fox News. Some have suggested that he may join One America News Network (OANN), while Elon Musk has also been mentioned as a potential player in the changing landscape of news media.

Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter and his plans for the platform, which may include the development of a larger “X” app, have led to speculation about his potential impact on the industry.

However, it remains to be seen if Twitter’s new tools for content creators will be sufficient to attract political pundits and journalists like Carlson, who are more accustomed to traditional news broadcast networks.

Ultimately, the success of Musk’s plans for Twitter will depend on various factors, including competition from other online video platforms and the preferences of content creators and consumers.

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