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  • 20 years have passed since 9/11, one of the deadliest terror attacks in America

20 years have passed since 9/11, one of the deadliest terror attacks in America

Payam Javan: 20 years have passed since 9/11, one of the deadliest terror attacks in America.

Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center building in Manhattan, leaving many families scarred for life after the loss of 2,977 civilians.

The 9/11 attack caused two horrific U.S military conflicts in the middle east.

The War in Afghanistan, and The Iraq War.

The War in Afghanistan is considered the longest war in American history, and after 20 years of fighting, the consequences are just begging.

“Four of the five Taliban members released from Guantanamo Bay by the Obama administration in 2014 in exchange for admitted US Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl are part of the Islamic fundamentalist group’s new hardline government in Afghanistan,” The New York Post reported, citing local media reports.

“The four members of the so-called ‘Taliban Five’ who have joined the new government are Acting Director of Intelligence Abdul Haq Wasiq, Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs Norullah Noori, Deputy Defense Minister Mohammad Fazl, and Acting Minister of Information and Culture Khairullah Khairkhah. The fifth member of the Taliban Five, Mohammad Nabi Omari, was appointed governor of eastern Khost province last month,” the report added.

In the meantime, U.S. enemies are swooping in to expand their spheres of influence.

“Speaking about the symbolism of the War on Terror, the Taliban are planning to have their interim government inauguration ceremony on Saturday, September 11th, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11,” a former State Department official noted.

Six nations have been invited for the 9/11 inauguration: China, Russia, Pakistan, Qatar, Iran, and Turkey.

“China is considering deploying military personnel and economic development officials to Bagram airfield, perhaps the single-most prominent symbol of the 20-year U.S. military presence in Afghanistan,” reported U.S. News & World Report.

“The Chinese military is currently conducting a feasibility study about the effect of sending workers, soldiers and other staff related to its foreign economic investment program known as the Belt and Road Initiative in the coming years to Bagram, according to a source briefed on the study by Chinese military officials, who spoke to U.S. News on the condition of anonymity,” the report added.

The Chinese would be assisting the Taliban and are looking to positioning themselves for a longer term.
“Given their past experience, the Chinese must be eager to get their hands on whatever the U.S. has left at the base,” Yun Sun, director of the China Program at the Stimson Center think tank, told U.S. News.

“If the Taliban requests Chinese assistance, I think China will be inclined to send human support,” Sun added. “Most likely, they will frame it as technical support or logistic support. There are precedents of that regarding foreign military bases. But a Chinese takeover is unlikely,” she says.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden relegated the international humiliation by saying that he was positive ‘China would try to work out an arrangement with the Taliban,’ U.S. News noted in a separate report.

“China has a real problem with the Taliban,” Biden claimed. “So they’re going to try to work out some arrangement with the Taliban, I’m sure. As does Pakistan, as does Russia, as does Iran. They’re all trying to figure out what do they do now.”

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